Goco GOLD Rewards is a free loyalty program for goco Shell branded convenience stores.

Scan the barcode in your goco GOLD rewards app, or enter your ALT ID at checkout to
earn product discounts, free items and more.

You must complete the registration process to activate your goco GOLD Rewards
membership to redeem rewards.

Yes, all alcohol, tobacco and lottery items will be excluded from your rewards tally.

CPG and Club Offer Rewards expire 2 months from the date of issuance. For example, if
you gain a reward on the January 1st. You have until March 1st to redeem that reward.

Your Alt ID is 6 followed by the phone number used when you created your goco GOLD
Rewards account. You can find your Alt ID in the app by tapping the barcode in the top
right corner of the home screen.

You can access the forgot Username function on the Fuel Rewards site when logging in.
Shell Fuel Rewards Customer support is also available to support you in locating this
information for your account.

Still have questions?

goco Gold Rewards Member support is provided Monday - Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM EST, excluding the public holidays.
Email us at gocogoldsupport@cstoresupport.com or call us (800) 647-3086.